Attar: Essential Oil Perfume Gift Packs

Attar: Essential Oil Perfume Gift Packs

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Gift sets: five bottles of our alcohol-free pure essential oil perfumes. Choose from 2.5 ml bottles or .6 ml sample vials.

Rishi set includes Manoharī, Priyā, Rasikā, Śraddhā, Vanyā

Shruti set includes Jamunā, Lalitā, Mādhurī, Ramyā, Svapanā

Our oils are sourced from Indian craftspeople who have practiced their trade for generations and provide these same high quality oils to deity temples in the sacred area of Braj in India. They can be offered in worship, worn as a personal fragrance, or gifted to a beloved friend. The Sanskrit names evoke the personality within each scent. All are suitable for any gender, but the Rishi set is more earthy and woodsy, the Shruti set more flowery.